Charles Jaco Faces Disturbing Peace Charge After Run In With Persistent "Tea Bagger"

Charles Jaco
Charles Jaco
In my humble opinion, Fox 2 reporter Charles Jaco and host of a somewhat lefty morning talk show on KTRS 550 AM showed tremendous restraint recently during a run-in with a conservative blogger.

Still, Jaco confirms to Daily RFT that he is facing a "disturbing the peace" charge from the incident last Wednesday when he was covering a rally for the late health care activist Melanie Shouse outside a downtown insurance office. That's where Jaco ran into Adam Sharp blogger of

Sharp wanted to know why Jaco referred to Tea Party members as "tea baggers". When Jaco said he didn't know what "tea bagging" meant, Sharp provided his own butchered definition of the sex act.

(Tea bagging, according to Urban Dictionary, is the act of dipping ones testicles into another person's mouth and not placing genitals on another person's face as Sharp suggests.)

Anyhoo, after berating Jaco over tea-bagging, Sharp continued to videotape and hound the Fox 2 reporter until Jaco may have bumped up against the blogger. Video below...


Writing to Daily RFT today, Jaco says of the incident:

People are entitled to their own opinions, not their own facts.

The facts in the video are pretty clear. Speaking of facts -- despite what some claim:
  • America is not becoming a Bolshevik dictatorship.
  • There are no death panels.
  • There is no federal plan to seize your guns.
  • Obama is not a Kenyan Muslim.
  • States do not have the right to secede from the Union.
  • 9/11 was not an inside job.
  • And--I'm not charged with assault.
The charge is disturbing the peace, a minor misdemeanor.

As the video shows, I am decidedly not guilty. In this business, emotionally damaged people come up to you on the street all the time while you're working. Mostly, they're harmless.

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