Charming Cops and Another Stalker: Last Week in craigslist Missed Connections

Nov 30, 2009 at 1:15 pm
Each week, we scour the local Missed Connections section of Craigslist, in search of the best posts. It appears that, this past week, area police officers were incredibly charming, because four different women have posted to reconnect with them. Also, just like last week, we've found another stalker-ish post. Check it!

Cop who pulled me over Sun night in Maplewood - w4m - 20 - (Manchester Rd)

click to enlarge Charming Cops and Another Stalker: Last Week in craigslist Missed Connections / CC BY 2.0
I was speeding. You issued me a citation (as you should have because that's your job), and you were nice. :) I really doubt this missed connections thing ever really works, but who knows, it might work with a police officer. Give me your initials if at all interested, but I bet you're not even single.

Thanks Hottie Police Officer - w4m - 18 - (McKinley Bridge )

Just wanted to say thanks for letting me off the hook today, believe me you really made my day. I even made sure I did the speed limit (as I should) the rest of my drive home! Oh and that's a Night at the Roxbury reference. ;) Thanks again! xoxoxo

Cop who drove me 3 blocks Fri night - w4m - 32 - (Tower Grove South)

I enjoyed chatting with you, and thanks for the help. You're funny and very cute. You're probably already spoken for, but if not, I'd like to see you again. I am tall, blond, just got a new phone and keys.

motorcycle officer at QT on 94 & Kisker - w4m - 41 - (St. Charles)

I pulled into the QT on 94 and Kisker Road to get gas on Monday, 11/9 at 8:30 pm. You were sitting on your motorcycle taking a break. I pulled in right across from you and I couldn't help it, but I kept staring. You looked up at me a few times. I didn't approach you at the time but went back to QT about 30 minutes later, hoping you would still be there, and you were gone...

And finally, another disturbing stalker-ish post. We don't know if it's genuine. We just know it was posted.

Your bush is a very lonely place - w4m - 47 - (Your backyard)

Jim, it's time we just admit our love to each other. If you would just ask me in I wouldn't have to sit outside in the cold grass every night, alone, avoiding your eyes as you peek through the curtain. I see you in there with your mother and your hot chocolate. It's ok. She can be part of this too. Anything to be with you again. I was inside once. I took a lock of your hair and I will always remember it. Please I just need to touch you one more time; hopefully this time you can be conscious. I saw the wrappers in your trash this morning. I hope you enjoyed your Taco Bell last night. I slept on top of the wrappers. They were warm like your sleeping flesh.