Chase Daniel is Mad as Hell, and He's Twittering About It

You would think that the day when a young man signs with an NFL team would be one of, if not the, happiest day in that young man's life. The money, the prospect of national recognition, it should all be just perfect.

See, the day that Mizzou's Most Favorite Football Player Ever Daniel signed with the Washington Redskins, Chase was apparently Twittering his little heart out, happily telling anyone and everyone interested about how well the process was going.

And then, tragedy struck.

Along came Chad Dukes, a radio personality on station KJFK in Washington, starting shit with Daniel over an ill-advised tweet.

From there, things just got ugly. The two went back and forth over whether or not Daniel was really, truly excited to be a member of the Redskins, all in convenient, acronym-filled, 140-character volleys.

Honestly, when did our society get to this point? When did we all become fourteen-year-old girls, using ridiculous shorthand in place of actual conversation that just might possibly mistaken for intelligence? How did we get to the point that one of the biggest, most popular new technologies in the world is a \Web site that allows anyone, anywhere, to tell the whole world just how much, "LOL, this is the shizz! LMFAO at that BRB OT kthxbi!" By the way, I have no idea what I just said there.

Oh, and be sure to check out our paper's twitter feed. I hear that it's 2G2BT.

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