Check Out These Spectacular Videos of the Meteor Over St. Louis Last Night

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Ooooh, ahhhhh - screengrab via @DavidVergel97 / Twitter
screengrab via @DavidVergel97 / Twitter
Ooooh, ahhhhh

Yesterday morning when we asked “What the Shit is This Stuff Falling From the Sky?,” we did not know that we’d be asking the same question later in the day, but with more curse words.

St. Louis got an extraordinary light show last night when a particularly large screaming meteor streaked across our night sky.

It came out of nowhere and lit up the St. Louis area bringing a thunderous “boom” along with it at about 8:55 p.m last night. The clear skies after the snow storm yesterday offered great viewing conditions to catch sight of this fireball from the Northern Taurid meteor shower.

Meteors occur when Earth passes through cosmic debris left behind by asteroids and comets. Pretty cool, huh? You can check out the Meteor Shower Calendar at the American Meteor Society if you’re hoping to catch another one in the future.

Go ahead and make another wish as you watch the videos below.

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