Cherry Pickers: Readers question smoking-ban loopholes and a downtown farmers' market

Cherry Pickers: Readers question smoking-ban loopholes and a downtown farmers' market

Stick it where the sun don't shine: This is just another reason St. Louis is an ass-backward town ["Smokeasies," Keegan Hamilton]. The whole rest of the country and the world can see that a person's right to be free from carcinogens trumps a person's right to smoke around others. And yet we have all these stupid exemptions. Bill Hannegan can take his quest for "freedom" and shove it up his arse for all I care. What about my freedoms, jerkwad?
Brian, St. Louis, via the Internet

Iron lungs: If there is a county- or citywide smoking ban, well, then so be it. I am a smoker, but if you pass an ordinance or law, then everyone must abide by such passage. Just because the casinos or some other businesses pay more, why does this have to affect the small businessman? It is just another form of socialism. I do not care if you smoke or not, but I will yell at the top of my lungs (sad as they are) for your right to do it.
Ed, Twin Oaks, via the Internet

Treatment programs also needed: There should be some type of legislation in a bill of this nature that provides the applicant an opportunity to complete a drug-treatment program and then reapply ["Republican Senators Line Up Bills to Drug Test the Poor," Chad Garrison]. It might even be a doorway for more folks struggling with addiction to be directed to substance abuse resources.
Sonia, via the Internet

So there! If you have money to use drugs, you shouldn't have your hand out.
Gant, via the Internet

They grow up in the most delightful way: Rule No. 1 of living in the world: If you're a pretty girl, you can get away with anything ["Truman State Student Tweets About 'Jew Killing Spree,' Exercises First Amendment Rights," Aimee Levitt]. If the person who wrote this were a gothy, disgusting slob, they'd be expelled and demonized. Instead, because it was a bubbly sorority girl-type, everyone laughs and shrugs their shoulders. The lesson as always: It pays to be a hot chick.
Read the Rulebook, via the Internet

Soulard market is enough: So what's wrong with the Soulard Farmers' Market ["FoodWire: Downtown Farmers' Market May Bow This Summer," Kristen Hinman]? How are farmers supposed to set up at a location like the Old Post Office? Parking is at a prime downtown for residents and workers already. This location is definitely not set up to handle multiple refrigerated trucks and booth space — and then what about the increased traffic? Downtown needs more logical amenities for residents. How about adding a well-lit gas station where you don't feel like you're about to get robbed?
Cornelius Jackson, via the Internet

Tower Grove, Maplewood markets superior: I live across the street from Soulard Farmers' Market, and while it does have a few local vendors, the majority of the produce is shipped in from areas far and wide, making it no different from your average supermarket. That is why I rarely ever shop there. I prefer to travel to Tower Grove or Maplewood, where all of the farmers are definitely local. Because of this, I don't think competition will be an issue. I would welcome a downtown market, just so I could pick up fresh ingredients for dinner for that night. Maybe I'm the exception to the rule, but I don't think so.
Kimberly, via the Internet

Downtowners are different kind of shoppers: People who actually live in downtown areas shop much differently than county residents. They tend to spend less time in stores since they can walk to them, and since they're walking, they tend to only buy what they can carry.

A farmers' market isn't conducive to this type of shopper. You don't go to a farmers' market to pick up dinner for that night. On average, people tend to spend about an hour or so at a market in order to shop for the entire week. That's taking up parking space. And if you're buying that much, why would you want to lug all that up into a parking garage? For them, it would make more sense and be more convenient to buy at a Schnucks or Dierbergs in their own neighborhood. Something like a bodega would be much better.
Chocolate Jones, via the Internet

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