Chupacabra Killed Near Springfield!

click to enlarge Chupacabra killed in southern Missouri? - Image via
Chupacabra killed in southern Missouri?
Chupacabras don't really exist.

Yes they do, and they live in Missouri.


Ozarks First (KOLR Channel 10) got the scoop on this one: For weeks, chickens were disappearing from the farm owned by Tim Stroll down in the Ozark hills near Springfield. But on November 5, he and his son spotted a weird animal and shot it.

Stroll and conservation agents suspect it was just a mangy coyote. But others are convinced it's a chupacabra -- a mythical beast that sucks the blood of livestock (in Spanish, "chupar" means "to suck," and "cabra" means "goat").

The family has held onto a few tissue samples of the goatsucker, which they're keeping in the freezer for inspection by the crew of Monster Quest, a show on the History Channel.

Of course, the local TV news crew beat them to the punch:

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