Cicadageddon Is Officially Underway

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click to enlarge Bzzzzzzzzz Run for your lives!!! Becuase there are cicadas. -
Bzzzzzzzzz Run for your lives!!! Becuase there are cicadas.
WE GOTS CICADAS! While some kinds  emerge every year to buzz out their 120-decibel love songs, the "periodical cicadas" emerge en masse every 13 years, and this year's gonna be off the chain, according to various news sources:

The Associated Press said yesterday we may be dealing with not millions, but billions of these things. (Daily RFT puts the figure closer to "bajillions").

Last night, Roche Madden over at Fox2Now - KTVI reported that cicadas have begun to "swarm" at least one house in Arnold, and that human citizens are swarming toward Home Depot, freaking out about it.

Well, not everyone's freaking out. Like the kid in this segment, who Madden says is "examining" the insects with a stick -- but who is actually murdering them with a stick.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch ups the ante even further by adding two more little buggers we need to worry about this summer: ticks and mosquitoes! Global warming, writes Harry Jackson Jr., has made conditions perfect for them. But Jackson is refreshingly sensible about cicadas. They're "harmless," he says, not to mention good eatin': "The females are silent and deliciously full of fats and nutrients," while the males are "hollow and crunchy." OK...Jackson, too, has gone insane.


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