City Museum and Its Many Lawsuits Land in Wall Street Journal

May 3, 2010 at 8:25 am
The front page of this weekend's Wall Street Journal took a look at the many personal-injury lawsuits swirling around the City Museum.

For folks in St. Louis, the WSJ article wasn't earth-shattering news. The fact that people get hurt and sue the museum is old hat, so ,too, is the museum's pugnacious owner Bob Cassilly's detest for attorneys and the media.

Still the Journal article did reveal a few interesting tidbits and boast a tremendous headline, "A Quirky Museum Exposes Kids to Thrills, Chills and Trial Lawyers."

The article implies that lawsuits have helped increased the insurance for the museum from $36,000 in 1997 to more than $600,000 today and that $1 of each $12 admission ticket now goes toward paying for the insurance premium.

The museum also displays a sign near the entrance with the names and phone numbers of law firms that have sued the museum -- and that Cassilly blames for increased costs.

"They [lawyers] are taking the fun out of life," Cassilly tells the Journal.