City of Hannibal: Caution! Falling Pigeon Corpses

Hannibal will be littered with dead bodies soon - Image via
Hannibal will be littered with dead bodies soon
Hannibal Mayor Pro Tem Kevin Knickerbocker wants to send everybody a message: Incoming!

'Cause pigeon corpses will soon be tumbling from the heavens and you probably don't want to get hit in your face. 

See, the City of Hannibal has a pigeon problem, according to the Hannibal Courier-Post. The birds are too plentiful and make lots of poop, which can spread E. coli. 

So the Hannibal City Council decided to go with the fastest and cheapest method of eradication: Poison, meaning the substance, not the '80s hair band turned up real loud. 

It would've cost Hannibal $6,750 for the USDA to come out twenty times, eight hours each, to shoot the rats-with-wings using pellet guns. 

But ultimately, the city council chose to bait the birds with corn, then switch to the poison called Avatrol. 

Writes the C-P
The poison is so potent that birds will literally be falling from the sky. On Tuesday night, it was proposed that teams of city employees be used to help gather the dead and dying birds.

Volunteers? Anyone at all? Where you going? 

So if you visit Hannibal, remember: Look up. 

(Also avoid graveyards in the middle of the night, and anyone whose name starts with "Injun." In fact, why don't you just avoid that word all together.)
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