Clock the Vote

Voting is a right. A privilege, even. So why did it feel like such a pain in the ass today in Ward 17, Precinct 5?

The hour-and-a-half wait (outside) -- talk about your huddled masses! -- was nearly as stultifying as the past month of televised political ads. And I missed the free coffee that some obviously charming person had purchased for everyone.

Upon finally gaining entrance to the polling place, I discovered the reason for the obscene wait: only one voter registration book.

In a precinct with historically high turnout rates (I waited in a similarly lengthy line in 2004), why only one book?

That's the question the Claire McCaskill volunteers I saw were trying to resolve with the powers that be. Despite their incensed phone calls, no additional book arrived while I was there, though it did appear that more (paper-ballot) port-a-booths had been set up. Whoopee.

Casting my ballot took just under two hours off my life.

And I didn't even get a sticker.

-Alison Sieloff

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