Comment of the Day: Reader Questions Claims Made Against Science Center

Dec 13, 2010 at 4:04 pm
Today's comment comes in response to last Friday's post, "Science Center's Cataloging Problems Spread to Art Museum."

From "STL Neighbor":
"Instead of spending so much time obsessing about those roadside souvenirs you claim are so valuable, spend some time learning the English language (its vary not very). Why are you so bent on claiming Doug King and or the Science Center stole or is hiding your family's souvenirs? He didn't even work at the Science Center when this alleged donation occurred. To say the Science Center bullied the FBI is so ridicules its humorous. Does anyone know of a case where someone bullied the FBI and they backed off? I don't think so, the FBI has the power, not Doug King or the Science Center. Also, what's in it for the Science Center to hide your souvenirs???? You need to pick better battles and get on with your life. Ridicules, Ridicules nonsense."