Comment of the Day: Repeal of Puppy Mill Law Sparks Online Dogfight

Today's comment(s) of the day is more of an argument. The blowback follows our report this morning on the efforts in Jefferson City to overturn Proposition B, the so-called "Puppy Mill" law that places new restrictions on Missouri dog breeders.

Soon readers "NikB" and "burgs" were at each others throats:

NikB: This is bullsh*t ! The people have already spoke. It will be a sad day when Prop B is repealed because people have no morals or consious anymore. I live in Missouri & there are too many people who can't afford the pets they have we really need to be the Puppy mill capital of the U.S. If you have more than 50 are not giving them the proper care a social animal needs.

burgs to NikB: How do you know that one cannot provide adequate care for more than 50 dogs? Where is your proof? How many kennels have you personally visited to support your statements? Are you merely parroting the H$U$ BS propaganda which is not based on any facts that would stand up in a court of law, that are actually just profiling and stereotyping of all breeders as bad people. Are you using information obtained Online of bad breeders and applying that to all breeders? Shame on you.
Hopefully some day you will be charged with something in court and will be prosecuted and convicted on what others have done with similar circumstances rather than what can be proved, or not, about you.

NikB back to burgs: I probably have WAY more experience than you. I've been to Kanab, Utah "Best Friends Animal Sanctuary" & when I was there they had just come back from Missouri with over 200 dogs from a Puppy Mill rescue. It is plain sad !!!!!!!! You are propably a horrible breeder that keeps those animals in their cages day after day for years. I do more than read....I visit places...What do you do??????? Sit & compaian that your $$$$$ might all go away & you won't be able to abuse more animals. Poor you.

burgs responds: Don't even know me, don't even know if I am a breeder. Yet already labeled me and described my practices. What a piece of work you are!

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