Comment of the Day: Send Rex Sinquefield to Podunk, Missouri

Mar 17, 2011 at 4:45 pm
Today's comment comes in response to a post about financier Rex Sinquefield's residency. Last November Daily RFT broke the news that the man who has spent $11 million in hopes of overturning St. Louis' earnings tax is not registered to vote in St. Louis, instead maintaining his permanent residence in Osage County, Missouri.

Today the Post-Dispatch added to the story when it pointed out that Sinquefield's appointment to the St. Louis Art Museum's Board of Commissioners violates state law because he is not a resident of the city or the county.

That prompted reader "Opera Buff" to opine:
Rex wants to meddle in the City's business, and enjoy the privileges of residency, but doesn't want to be a City resident. Let him take all his money and opinions, and go launch a petition drive to affect government and policies in Osage County, and leave us the hell alone.