Comment of the Day: There's No Don't-Snitch Policy in North City

Dec 16, 2010 at 4:30 pm
Today's comment comes in response to a heated argument about voluntary racial division in this city, following our post "This Just In: St. Louis is Segregated."

"Brett" writes:

Ah, yes, the old saw, "my (spouse, best friend, etc) is black, so I can't be a racist". Been around forever, man. FYI, one's interaction with a few isolated people says little about their ability to make sweeping judgments about groups of people as a whole based solely upon the color of their skin.

Also, I live in North City and am lily white. All my neighbors are black. 90% of my street is black. 90% of my hood is black. Nobody I have met condones thuggery or has a 'don't snitch' policy. Not to say there aren't a minority of people that do - please don't paint all of us north siders with that tainted brush.

As Anonymous said above: "you don't know shit".