Contrary to Popular Belief, St. Louis Police Do Ticket for DUIs

Move to St. Louis and one of the first things you'll hear from your newfound friends at the corner tavern is not to worry about drinking and driving within city limits.

St. Louis cops -- so the logic goes -- have too many real crimes to worry about (homicides, shootings, burglaries) than to spend their time ticketing people for DUIs -- especially in a town famous for its beer.

Two little news items today out of St. Louis police headquarters tend to refute that rumor.

First, tonight three St. Louis officers -- Raymond Collins, Vincent Hayden and William Moore -- are to be honored by Mothers Against Drunk Driving at the organization's annual Heroes for Heroes gala downtown. The three city cops have together made over 100 DUI arrests so far this year.

Second, the St. Louis police department announced today that it will be conducting a drunk-driving checkpoint this Friday at an undisclosed location.

Yes, such sobering news. All of it.
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