Corrections and Retractions: Juan Encarnacion Not a Statesman After All

Okay, so it looks like Juan Encarnacion isn't running for a Senate seat in the Dominican Republic. 

As first reported by Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch, Encarnacion wasn't quoted as saying he was running for a Senate seat; in fact, he wasn't actually in the Dominican Republic when he was supposed to have been quoted. 

So here's where I fall on my sword and apologize for getting the story wrong. I am, in fact, sorry, but I'm actually much more confused by this. I certainly wasn't expecting the whole thing to be a fabrication. Oh, well. I do truly apologize for the error. 

In addition to confusion, I must also admit to a bit of disappointment. Charity work is all well and good, but I was really hoping to get a chance to follow election coverage in a language I don't actually understand this autumn. Sigh. 

Well, Mr. Encarnacion, if you ever decide you do wish to run for the Dominican Senate, you can certainly count on my vote. I mean, you could, if I lived in the DR. Which I don't. So maybe that's not as meaningful a gesture as I had planned. How about this: if you ever decide to run for the Senate, I promise to write about it. Hell, I wrote about your political career when it was fake; just think how big a story it'll be when it's true. 
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