Cory Reibel: Girlfriend Finds Disturbing Photos on Lover's Cell Phone

Oct 26, 2011 at 10:21 am
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No. Not this!
Here's a cautionary tale for you single mothers. Perhaps he's just not that into you. Perhaps that new boyfriend is actually angling for your toddler.

That's seemed to be the case this year with 24-year-old Cory Reibel of Swansea, Illinois.  According to prosecutors, Reibel's girlfriend was flipping though his cell phone this past March when -- in email and photo archives -- she uncovered nude images of her three-year-old child.

Two of the photographs depicted Reibel pulling the minor child's underwear aside to expose his/her genitals, which he then photographed using what appears to be a flashlight.

Additional photographs recovered from Reibel's telephone depicted the victim completely nude, with the exception of one photograph where he/she was wearing only one red boot, with his/her legs spread open to expose his/her genitals.

As you might guess, that revelation quickly ended Reibel's "relationship" with his girlfriend and mother of the child. When asked why he took the pictures, Reibel could not explain himself, according to prosecutors.

On Monday, Reibel was sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 30 years in prison and a lifetime term of supervised release. A sickening crime, yes. But 30 years in prison for that!? Murderers get off easier.

The U.S. Attorney for Southern Illinois, Stephen Wiggington, on Monday defended the sentence, saying: "Protecting our children from predators is one of my highest priorities. This is a long and well-deserved sentence for someone who has so seriously affected a child by using the child as he did."