Cottleville Mayor Don Yarber Continues to Blaze A Path to Medical Marijuana in Missouri, Passes Sticky Issue to Voters

Jan 27, 2010 at 1:25 pm
Last time we covered Cottleville, Don Yarber, the city's 70 year-old mayor, was extolling the benefits of medical marijuana (his wife used it to combat the side effects of breast cancer chemotherapy) and cajoling state lawmakers to let voters decide whether Missouri should become the fifteenth state to legalize prescription pot.

Thanks to Yarber's prodding, the Board of Aldermen in the small city, located southwest of St. Charles off Highway 94, passed a resolution urging the state to move forward with medical marijuana legislation.

Now they're putting the issue in the hands of roughly 3,000 Cottleville voters. The Post-Dispatch reports on Political Fix that "a non-binding advisory referendum on legalizing medical marijuana" has been scheduled for a vote on April 6.

In case you just coughed up hit of the sticky-icky, let's take a second to explain what that last paragraph means exactly.
Two items will be on the ballot.

Proposition C will ask voters if they would support the Missouri state legislature passing a bill approving the use of cannabis to treat certain medical conditions.

Proposition V asks voters if medical marijuana legalization should be put in the hands of voters statewide this November.

Neither of these measures will result directly in an actual law legalizing medical marijuana in Cottleville or anywhere else in Missouri. They are merely Yarber's attempt to get a sense of how citizens in his town feel about the issue -- and a chance for the voters to show Missouri lawmakers that even people in conservative St. Charles County support sensible marijuana laws for the state.

It'll be interesting to see what happens come April 7.

Which brings up another question: why not wait a couple weeks and schedule the vote on 4-20-2010?