County and City Pastors to Congregate on MetroLink and Pray for Proposition A

Mar 9, 2010 at 10:55 am

This train is bound for glory, this train
This train is bound for glory, this train
It looks as if Proposition A really does have a prayer of winning voter approval next month.

More than 100 county and city pastors will be doing the Lord's work Thursday evening, praying en mass for passage of the measure, which would increase the transit sales tax a half cent to build new MetroLink light-rail lines, while restoring lost service and expand Metro transit operations.

The tax proposal, on the April 6, ballot, would generate about $75 million a year in St. Louis County.

As part of the Metropolitan Congregations United's campaign to pass Proposition A, clergy and lay leaders will board MetroLink trains at 6:15 p.m., from the Shrewsbury, North Hanley, and Eighth and Pine stations and ride it to the Delmar stop, where they will hold a prayer service for public transportation, beginning around 7 p.m.

And if that doesn't convince the Man Upstairs to show some divine intervention come April 6, then hopefully passing out Hershey's Kisses to transit riders -- which religious leaders intend to do -- will seal the deal.