Court Upholds Mizzou Sucks License Plate

This sucks. That sucks. You suck. "Sucks" is one of those ubiquitous colloquialisms we're better off not thinking too literally about. Unless, of course, it's a matter of law.

The Missouri Court of Appeals' Western District decided Tuesday that a University of Kansas fan in St. Charles is legally allowed to keep his "MZU SUX" license plate. The state had ordered Toby Gettler to turn them in last year, saying "SUX" violates laws against using sexual, lewd or obscene language.

Gettler, who represented himself in his fight to keep his plates, says it all comes down to how you see the word "sucks," writes Missouri Lawyers Weekly. While there's certainly a sexual connotation, common usage has made it synonymous with "objectionable or inadequate," according to the Merriam Webster dictionary, Gettler argued.

Missouri courts agreed, ruling in Gettler's favor.

We wish all the luck in the world to Gettler -- who did not graduate from KU but used to live in Lawrence, Kansas -- as he attempts to drive his car without having his tires slashed.

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