COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in St. Louis County (Again)

Seriously, people. Do we want to go through this again?

click to enlarge County Executive Sam Page delivers the bad news in a press conference. - screengrab via Facebook
screengrab via Facebook
County Executive Sam Page delivers the bad news in a press conference.

The number of COVID-19 cases in St. Louis County is steadily rising, though mask mandates or other protective restrictions are “a long ways away,” according to County Executive Same Page.

At a press briefing Monday morning, Page said the amount of cases in the county rose by 30% last week compared to the week before. The county now averages 273 new cases of COVID-19 a day.

“... Your risk of contracting COVID-19 is higher than it was a week ago and substantially higher than it was a month ago,” Page says.

In light of this jump, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services changed the county’s risk level from low to medium on Friday, May 13.

A reporter asked Page whether a mask mandate will be considered. In response, the county executive said the county is “a long ways away from restrictions.”

“We’re at a point now, like the rest of the country, where our conversation isn’t about mandates,” Page says. “It’s about how we can live with the virus, about vaccinations, about being thoughtful and getting tested, especially if you’re sick.”

Page later recommended people at high risk or those who live with people at high risk to wear masks in public spaces.

The county executive’s briefing comes the same day the United States hit hit one million COVID-19 deaths. In St. Louis County, 3,341 people have died from COVID-19.

Despite the recent jump in cases, Page added the case increase has not corresponded with a rise in hospitalizations.

“This is not a cause for alarm,” Page says. “Rather a reminder that COVID is still very much among us and there are ways to help prevent catching it.”

So, if you’re stubborn or live under a rock, here are a few gentle suggestions on where to go to get a free vaccine if you have yet to receive the jab.

St. Louis County offers free COVID-19 vaccinations and booster shots at its health clinics in Jennings (4000 Jennings Station Road; 314- 615-9700) Berkeley (6121 North Hanley Road; 314-615-0500) and Sunset Hills (4580 South Lindbergh Boulevard; 314-615-0400). No appointments are necessary.

There are also a ton of local pharmacies that provide vaccines free of charge. So you don't have an excuse. And even if you think you do, you don't (unless you're listening to a qualified* medical professional).

*Qualified medical professionals do not include: Radio personalities, politicians, off-beat YouTubers, your conservative uncle on Facebook, fringe physicians with revoked licenses, etc.

Monica Obradovic

Monica Obradovic is a staff writer for the Riverfront Times.
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