Coyne Cashed Out of The Contender?

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Something told me that Ryan Coyne, albeit the dark horse of The Contender, Season 4, was gonna go all the way to fisticuffs for the $250,000 purse.

The live fight at the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, in Connecticut, rolls at 9 p.m. (central), I believe, on February 25.

But unless the plot twists unexpectedly here during the next two episodes of the reality show, Coyne, "The Irish Outlaw," won't mug or glove up for the big-money match.

Two weeks ago on the show, Coyne got popped in the eye, for the second time. (Watch the bloody clip, called "Split Eye," right here.)

Bloody mess notwithstanding, Coyne squeaked through to win against Tim Flamos.

Last week on the show, Coyne got seven stitches for the cut, which a Singaporean surgeon told him was much deeper than the first one.     

Last night on episode number-nine, Coyne's eye had swollen nearly shut. The surgeon told him if he fought again before the wound healed, he could go blind.

Tony Danza sent Coyne packing. Game over, dude.

Thing is, the crew didn't technically put any of the losers on a flight out of Singapore, I don't think.

I say that because former East St. Louis resident Joell Godfrey, who lost in the very first episode to Felix Cora Jr., returned to the screen last night to slot in for Coyne's upcoming match against Rico Hoye

A couple weeks ago Coyne told me he's been out in Vegas training for a big fight. Now he's (mysteriously) not returning my e-mails or phone calls.

Could it be that some strange plot twist -- an injury, an emergency -- brings him back to The Contender next week, or the week after, for another match-up? That he wins? And that he's so in-the-zone training for the February 25 finale, that he's currently ignoring his cell phone?

Stay tuned. 
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