Coyne on Contender, Week 2

Five stitches, five days.

figured big last night on the second installment of The Contender.

His team -- blue -- having won the first bout, had the advantage of matchmaking the next fight. They set to sparring in the gym, and Coyne got popped. Bad.


Woo-eee, Coyne was throwing f-bombs like Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on a wiretap!


I don't even know who Coyne was sparring. But the blood. Wow.

And he had headgear on!

You could see every dude on the yellow team licking his chops. 

After a suspense-filled commercial break (ok, not so much), Coyne ended up with five stitches.

Five days, the docs told him.

Given that the guys fight every other day (not once a week like the show makes it seem), blue knew they had to win the next two fights, if not more. 'Cause if yellow won a bout, who would they call out? Coyne for sure.    

Blue decided to put up Alfredo Escalera Jr., a svelte Puerto Rican and second-generation fighter. He called out Jon Schneider, a burly marine from the hardscrabble Yonkers, New York (with an accent to match), who's the least-experienced fighter on the show. 

Dilemma: Who to root for?

Not like we're betting or anything...

I'm a chick! I gotta pick somebody. And I'm a New Yorker, marrying a many connections with Schneider.

But then, Ryan's a cool guy. 

Bleep. Decide! 

OK, fine. I've got the jarhead.

Meanwhile, my Marine, displeased with Schneider's teary testimonial and bear-hugging in the ring, starts dropping his own f-bombs. "This guy's a fruit!" 

So, yeah. Escalera Jr. won handily.

Just as well. It means Coyne moves along.

We'll see how he's healing next week.

-Kristen Hinman

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