Craigslist Man Seeking "Adventurous Woman for Live-In Secretary/Personal Assistant" Speaks

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There was a mom who needed someplace to stay and a full-time student and one other. The problem, so far, has been scheduling. None of the three were able to commit to his primary need: Someone to ferry his son to and from school everyday. Other than that, any of them, he said, would've worked out fine. But that doesn't mean some sparks didn't fly.

"I really did like the one chick who was a student. Her and I hit it off. We've actually seen each other a time or two since then," he says.

Here's what potential applicants need to know. No, he is not going to wholly take care of his lady-ployee. He's hoping for someone with her own income for "day to day" stuff.

"I intend to provide for a person, but I'd like someone who has something going on for themselves," he explains.

He's basically offering a place to crash and food. And he wants a lot out of her. In addition to providing rides for his son, he needs to keep things in order with his new venture, St. Louis Cheapest Mechanics. He wants her working the phones, finding parts for the auto shop, and helping with "regular household shit." He likes to party, but nobody too wild and crazy. Oh, and yeah, he would like -- does not expect, but would like -- to genuinely care for the lady. No specific physical qualifications.

"I'm kind of looking for someone I click with. Maybe needs a place to stay on top of it," he says. "Hopefully something could come from it."

That's all well and good, but what does Jim bring to the table?

"I like to think of myself as kind of cultured and well-rounded. And, I don't know, I kind of live on determination and work ethic. I run myself burning the candle at both ends," he says.

And finally, here's the million dollar question: Does he expect or require a sexual relationship?

"Not necessarily," he says.

So there you have it. Maybe it's fine? While we continue to believe that one's personal and professional life goals should probably be kept separate, who knows. Love is weird.

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