Critiquing the Cards' Social Media Night

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Just in case you hadn't heard (and it wouldn't much surprise me if you hadn't, to be honest), the Cardinals are holding a Social Media Night on the 18th of September. They're making kind of a production of it, too, with a big panel of experts who are going to discuss their own experiences with the new media and that sort of thing. Sounds like fun, right?

Matt Sebek, our old friend from Joe Sports Fan (which is now a part of KFNS), has a couple issues with the way the Cards are going about putting together this night of nights they seem so eager to tout as their attempt to reach out to a new classification of fandom. And, having no small amount of experience with working in the blogosphere (and taking said blogging from the basement into the mainstream), Sebek is a guy you just might want to listen to on the subject. 
click to enlarge Personally, if I were putting together a panel it would look like this. That's just me, though. (And that little one in the front is HOT, am I right?) -
Personally, if I were putting together a panel it would look like this. That's just me, though. (And that little one in the front is HOT, am I right?)
Matt's problem with the event is that the Cardinals, while attempting to reach out to the bloggers and social media types who churn out so much grassroots material on any given day, have put together a panel of essentially nothing but mainstream media guys. Oh, and John Mozeliak

The three media players invited to be part of the panel are Derrick Goold of the Post-Dispatch, Matthew Leach of the Cardinals' official website, and McGraw Millhaven, a radio personality who just happens to work for KTRS, also known as the Cardinals' personal radio station. So, you know, insularity for the win and all that. 

Please note I'm not taking shots at any of these guys (with the possible exception of Millhaven; he generally pisses me off the few times I encounter him on the radio dial). All are quite competent at their jobs and, in general, really know their stuff. Still, you have two employees of the St. Louis Cardinals, an employee of, and the good writer for the local paper. The Cards aren't exactly beating the bushes to try and flush out some real unknowns. 

Of course, the real reason I care about Matt's column (and the reason you all should as well), is because he was nice enough to include yours truly on his list of people the Cardinals should have invited. And let's face it, unless something directly affects me in life, I'm not so good with the paying attention to it. Flattery will most definitely always get my attention, though. 

So check out Matt's take on the situation, and if you happen to be anywhere near Social Media Night, maybe take a second to ask yourself if the Cardinals are really getting as many viewpoints involved as they could. 

(Personally, I'm hoping and praying for the day the Cards put together a Lolcats Night, the way the Seattle Mariners did awhile back. Now that's something I care about!)  

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