Crowd at Moolah Theatre Shouts, Screams and Sings (Poorly) For President Obama

Any of you hang out at the Moolah today to watch the inauguration ceremonies? It was an event to behold.

First of all, pimping, er, parking, wasn't easy. The lot was full a good 20 minutes before the swearing in and it quickly became a no exit situation (the booth was empty and paying for two minutes of cruising doesn't work.) A spot finally opened up at the last minute and the saliva-dripping cursing ended.

Inside, the theater was already packed at 10:45 a.m. Loitering in the doorway was the only option.

Attendees were asked to donate cans in lieu of an entry fee. The crowd sitting on the leather couches started to join those stading in applause when Vice-President-Elect Joe Biden was sworn in.

The elation turned to moans a minute later when California Senator Dianne Feinstein announced a musical interlude featuring Yo-Yo Ma and the gang. (Yes, waiting these final few minutes can be difficult after two years of vacuous campaign coverage.)

One also couldn't help noticing that many in the Moolah crowd seemed to think they were at the event live. Everyone stands when Obama is sworn in; claps and hollers when he speaks; grunts when he makes a point they agree with.

Later, during the singing of the National Anthem, an older man even began belting out his own off-key version of our sacred song as he stood in the entrance of the theater waving an Obama sign.

And more than a few people cheered when W. hopped in the helicopter to chopper back to Texas.


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