Crowds Line Up to Get Into Missouri Ross Store Because... Why?

May 20, 2020 at 12:51 pm

Like we don't have enough things to embarrass us in Missouri, here's a huge crowd of people packed shoulder to shoulder during a pandemic while lining up to get into a freakin' Ross Dress For Less discount store on the day of its reopening.

Joplin News First posted a video to Facebook Wednesday afternoon of what must be the entire population of southwest Missouri trying to cram into a place that specializes in grandma shoes and resealed bags of Lindor Truffles.

If it were truly survival times this would make sense, because 9o percent of the clothing sold in a Ross is highly flammable and we're all going to need kindling to keep warm once the sun quits on us. As it stands, though, everyone waiting in the line appears to be wearing ignitable clothes already, so it's hard to see how the situation could be this dire.

What most of the people in the packed line aren't wearing, though, are masks covering their faces, which is stupid for two reasons:

  1. There's a massive, deadly epidemic raging through the country.
  2. They should probably be ashamed of themselves.

They're all doing exactly what we're not supposed to be doing right now and it's very possible that some of them (or some of the people they love) will get sick and die because of it. Hope that itchy Aztec print poncho made in Taiwan was worth it.

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