Daily RFT Twitter Follow Friday; Six Celebrities from STL on Twitter

Aug 14, 2009 at 8:03 am
Here are six nationally famous St. Louisians on Twitter. This list is very likely not complete by any means. Obvious omissions are sports celebrities who probably deserve their own list. The idea here is to stick with people who are known in the entertainment business. And there is one exception -- one who isn't actually in any business that anyone can confirm and doesn't really fit neatly into any category but is undeniably famous none-the-less. See if you can pick which person I'm talking about. Also, if you know of other St. Louis celebs on Twitter, let us know in the comments.

James Gunn
Filmmaker, Writer
Best known for his film "Slither"

We start with him because of all my picks he is the most prolific Twitterer of the bunch. He updates several times a day and drops some of the most personal, and conversational tweets of this group. He clearly gets twitter, with regular retweets, "@" replies and he updates several times a day.

Here's a classic from just a few hours ago:
Car with Obama bumper sticker in front of me is driving so shit I want to take back my vote.

Murphey Lee
Best known as a member of the St. Lunatics

Like James Gunn, Murphy Lee has also fully embraced Twitter. In fact, Lee is probably more likely to follow you back if you follow him (he follows over 1,700 people, Gunn only follows 36). He updates several times a day and his tweets are also very conversational.

Here is a sample:
Man, been wit the kids all day..daughter grown, my son is a lil kid..I mean, u can't be around him if your patience or attitude is bad..ucme

Bill Chott
Actor, Improv Teacher
Best Known for his roles on Saturday Night Live (one of the voices on the Ambiguously Gay Duo), the movie The Ringer, and has a regular role on The Wizards of Waverly Place.

Bill tweets fairly regularly but isn't very conversational on Twitter. He updates about appearances he's making or points to stuff about him online. He uses Twitter as an announcement channel for the most part.

Sample Tweet:
Met Zoe Noelle and Bryn Allen today in an interview for "Across the Canvas." Keep your eyes peeled to acrossthecanvass.com soon...

Beatle Bob
Best known for chaotic dancing and being himself.

Bob isn't a prolific Twitter-er, he may drop a few tweets in a row every couple of days or so. Mostly news about old Rock-n-Rollers, or stuff about himself online. Not a lot different than the stuff you might hear him talk about if you ever happen to have a conversation with him.

Sample tweet:
Dylan for the Holidays: Sony to release a Bob Dylan Christmas CD this year: "Here Comes Santa Claus" "I'll Be Home For Christmas" and more.
George Hickenlooper
Best known for his films: Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse
, Mayor of Sunset Strip, Factory Girl

Hickenlooper isn't a big Twitter-er. He hasn't updated since the wrap of his most recent film Casino Jack a film about Jack Abramoff starring Kevin Spacey. But when he is twittering it's mostly about his work:

Sample tweet:
Getting ready for the last day of the shoot tomorrow. Going to be sad... until the wrap party!

Jenna Fischer
Best known for her role as Pam Beasly on The Office.

Jenna ... not that big into Twitter. She has updated twice. And she follows, no-one. It's actually not all that clear that the Twitter account with her name is actually her. The tweets are written in the third person so it could just be a publicist twittering on her behalf. If you're a fan, maybe you can follow her anyway and maybe she'll pick up the habit some day. Or, maybe she just needs some lessons from her ex-husband, James Gunn.