Daily Web Crawl

Nov 1, 2007 at 10:51 am

Your daily guide to what they're whispering about in the next cubicle.

HERE Been itching for some Flaco's Cocina tacos? Gut Check has the scoop on the restaurant's menu.

Annie cannot resist the lure of free music and an almost-free magazine subscription.

Claire Nowak-Boyd packs it up at Ecology of Absence and moves over to a new blog, Curious Feet St. Louis.

Happy belated birthday Urban Review STL!

And yet another brave soul trades in blog writing for novel writing this month. Good luck!

THERE They call it the YouTube for legal documents; we call it boring with just a hint of badass. (Via The [Non]billable Hour)

Having an unfortunate day at work? Pop a vodka pill! (Via Dethroner)

Look what our cellmate made for us!
Look what our cellmate made for us!

Look what our cellmate made for us!

The fake Steve Jobs isn't worried about Google's proposed cell phone.

Who knew inmates could color inside the lines? (Via Your Daily Awesome)

You can bet these two Star Wars-clad canines are ecstatic Halloween is over. (Via Cute Overload)

EVERYWHERE A&E suspends production of Dog the Bounty Hunter after Duane "Dog" Chapman used the n-word numerous times in a phone conversation with his son.