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Did you have this much fun over the weekend? Hope so!

HERE Ian Froeb shares the latest foodie news.

Annie Zaleski spent her weekend with cover bands and Becky, Queen of Carpet.

Be sure to let St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay know what flag you like to wave.

Watch a man ride a Segway for the first time on a St. Louis Segway Tour. Oh yeah, fuuuuuun.

THERE Remember learning about pie charts and Venn diagrams? It's déjà vu all over again at Something Awful.

What’s the Most Dangerous City's body count these days?

Is this really something parents should be concerned about?

EVERYWHERE And, finally...Britney Spears is a chubby, untalented piece of pop trash. Apparently it took an unbelievably awkward and under-rehearsed performance at MTV's Video Music Awards for consensus to form.

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