Dana Loesch on Fox News: Tea Party Billboard Comparing Obama to Hitler "Not Inflammatory"

What's more inflammatory than a Tea Party-funded billboard in Iowa that compares Obama to Hitler and Lenin?

How about Dana Loesch on Fox News' "Red Eye" attempting to argue that said billboard is not inflammatory. Check out the reactions when St. Louis' Sarah Palin explains her interpretation of the sign:

This remind anyone of Sunday's New York Times op-ed?

It's a great read that focuses on a Princeton study about the admissions biases at top tier schools:
Unsurprisingly, they found that the admissions process seemed to favor black and Hispanic applicants, while whites and Asians needed higher grades and SAT scores to get in. But what was striking, as Russell K. Nieli pointed out last week on the conservative Web site Minding the Campus, was which whites were most disadvantaged by the process: the downscale, the rural and the working-class.

This was particularly pronounced among the private colleges in the study. For minority applicants, the lower a family's socioeconomic position, the more likely the student was to be admitted. For whites, though, it was the reverse. An upper-middle-class white applicant was three times more likely to be admitted than a lower-class white with similar qualifications.
Here's the line that sparked the comparison:
Among the highly educated and liberal, meanwhile, the lack of contact with rural, working-class America generates all sorts of wild anxieties about what's being plotted in the heartland. In the Bush years, liberals fretted about a looming evangelical theocracy. In the age of the Tea Parties, they see crypto-Klansmen and budding Timothy McVeighs everywhere they look.
See the whole thing here.

(Tip of the cap to St. Louis Activist Hub for unearthing the video)
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