David J. Keithley: Charged with Sexually Assaulting Hospitalized Friend

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Marshfield, Missouri resident David J. Keithley has been charged with a class C felony for  allegedly sexually assaulting a female friend while she was heavily sedated in the hospital. Keithley had driven the unidentified victim to the hospital after she complained of suffering chest pains.

Although the woman was unconscious during the alleged assault, she awoke with vague memories of Keithley attacking her, and confronted him -- he told her it must have been her imagination. It was either that or her ability to recall the last time Keithley had tried to sexually assault her in the hospital.

During a prior hospital stay, Keithley grabbed her but she rolled away from him and ordered him to stop. He told her that he "had needs."

That seems to be a common refrain with Keithley. Suspicious of his breezy "just your imagination" cover story, the woman requested the security tapes from the hospital. With the police by her side, she watched the tape. According to the probable cause statement, It revealed that Keithley had poked and prodded her to be certain she was truly unconscious, then sexually assaulted her there in her private room.

When she informed Keithley that she had seen what he did on the video, he pleaded once again that he "had needs because he's a married man and not 'getting any.'" He also claimed that he "should have gotten a ten-dollar whore on Commercial Street." With a mentality like that, is it any wonder he's not getting any from his wife?

Keithley was not in custody as of last night, and has an outstanding warrant for his arrest. If convicted of this charge, he faces a sentence of no more than seven years.

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