Dead Cardinal Found in Front of Jim Edmonds' F15teen Restaurant

Aug 11, 2008 at 5:15 pm

Former Cardinal and now Cub Jim Edmonds reportedly blew off FSN Midwest broadcaster Brent Stover over the weekend during the Cardinals-Cubs series at Wrigley. This only fueled the fire that Cardinals fans feel for Edmonds, who is like an ex who you see doing so much better now that he left your underperforming ass.

A few Cards fans (or one really bizarre one) might have taken offense to whole baseball soap opera this weekend, because a dead cardinal was found on the sidewalk today in front of Edmonds' downtown St. Louis restaurant, reports InsideSTL's Tim McKernan. Toxicology results are pending on the bird. It's unclear if foul-play was involved.

For the morbidly curious, a photo of the dead bird is after the jump. Read the full story at From the Desk of Tim McKernan.

A complete rundown of the Edmonds chatter, according to McKernan, is posted on his InsideSTL Web site, of which Edmonds is part-owner.

- Nick Lucchesi