Dear Obama: Don't Forget to Buzz the Arch When You Leave. It Will Make a Great Picture!

Apr 29, 2009 at 12:26 pm

Dear Prez: You're probably boarding Air Force One right now after that town-hall meeting down in Arnold, but just a reminder...

I know you took a lot of flak this week when the White House scheduled Air Force One to fly low over New York City for some PR photos. Apparently, you guys scared the bejesus out of those timid New Yorkers.

But, hey, we here in St. Louis would love, repeat love, the attention if you flew Air Force One real low over our town. Besides, our Gateway Arch would provide a much cooler backdrop than that tarnished old Statue of Liberty.

So please, if you're reading this on your Blackberry right now, inform the flight crew to buzz the Arch on your way back to D.C. Hell, they could even fly right through the damn thing.