Deer Hunters = Liberal Do-Gooders?

click to enlarge Deer Hunters = Liberal Do-Gooders? / CC BY 2.0
If we told you that Missouri deer hunters were engaged in liberal do-gooder activities to help the have-nots....would your mind implode? Watch the eff out.

Show-Me State outdoorsmen donated about 270,000 pounds of venison to charitable organizations that feed the hungry last year. Such is the stat that Dan Zarlenga of the Missouri Department of Conservation gave the Daily RFT today. These hunters even had to pay some of the cost of processing the animal. 

But this year, he says, hunters can drop off a deer for charity without having to pay. (Click here for more on this state-run program.)

Sure, you say, but how many heartless Bambi-killers are gonna care whether a homeless shelter in St. Louis has deer meat for supper? Well, says Zarlenga, in 2007 over 5,500 hunters across the state bucked up -- if you will -- and donated venison.

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