Demetrius Burnett: Springfield Man Severs Romantic Rival's Finger with a Croquet Mallet?

click to enlarge Demetrius S. Burnett
Demetrius S. Burnett
According to police, Demetrius Burnett went to his ex-girlfriend's home -- the home he once shared with her -- and and discovered his former flame in bed with another man. So he allegedly headed to the childrens room, collected a croquet mallet and returned to the bedroom where he treated the new guy's head as if it were a Whack-A-Mole game.

Final score? 52 surgical staples to repair the poor guy's head, and one missing ring finger.


No one's really certain how the finger came off. The victim says he doesn't remember much after the first few wallops (understandable), and Burnett isn't talking. In fact, Burnett says he wasn't even there that night.

That seems plausible. It was another guy who looks so much like you that he fooled your ex-girlfriend into believing it was you. Also, this headbanging doppelganger knew the layout of the house, knew where the croquet mallet was kept, and also wanted nothing more than to pound on the current boyfriend's head.

Burnett is currently in Greene County Jail on a $75,000 bond. The other guy's finger could not be re-attached.
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