Did You Support a Bill That Recently Failed in The Missouri Legislature That Would Have Lowered the Blood-Alcohol Levels for DWI from .10 to .08 ?

May 17, 2000 at 4:00 am
Emmett McAuliffe
Entertainment Lawyer, Greensfelder, Hemker & Gale P.C.

"No. This is one of those issues that politicians make a lot of hay over, because they can accuse their opponents -- if they don't support this particular bill -- of being in favor of 'drunk' drivers. Enough!"

Courtney Barrett
Occupational Therapist

"It's a great idea. I work on a trauma-surgery floor, and almost every patient in the ICU was hit by a drunk driver or a drunk driver themselves. It's a huge problem; people don't realize how devastating it is. But ultimately it should fall into one's own personal responsibility, and maybe a formal, school-offered program that gives young people more awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving is in order. I'd support that more than imposing stricter limits of how many beers you can or should drink in an hour."

Robert Hardin
Lawnmower Man

"I had a brother killed on Christmas Eve 1986 by a drunk driver on I-270, and I myself got a DWI last December for three beers -- I blew 1.1 exactly. Even with all that, I feel it (the bill) is only a way for the government to make more money off the working man. I mean, they make it, they sell it and they fine you for drinking it. By this law, you're drunker easier, so if they pull you over they're going to get their money. I feel it's a decision you have to make yourself. You don't think you can drive, don't do it."

Pat Petersen
Health-Care Consultant

"To me, getting pulled over, it's the luck of the draw, and, anyway, people will always try to get around the prevailing limits, thinking, 'I'll pace myself' or 'I'll eat this or that before I start.' That's not the answer. Rather than set arbitrary limits, we should support more avenues to educate people to drink responsibly, including the alternatives, like if you're drinking and you're going to be out, take a cab."

Bob Officer

"I don't think it's going to get any more drunks off the road; it's just going to lead to police harassment. And it really shouldn't make a difference in most stops, but where they have a dragnet or checkpoint, they'll probably arrest more people and make more money."

Loretta Wittenberg
Community Volunteer

"No, I don't advocate that. Everyone thinks another law is going to cure the situation, when we have enough laws on the books that are not adequately enforced. I'd like to talk to the state troopers to see what they have to deal with, if they feel they need that extra .02 percent margin to take somebody off the road that is dangerous."