Do You Believe There's a Guardian Angel Watching Over You?

Week of December 25, 2002

Baby Jake
"With all the bonehead stunts I did back in high school, like driving erratically, trying to piss the cops off -- yeah, I must've had a guardian angel, snatchin' me from the jaws of danger at the last second. And since those crazy days, I've gotten to know him. His name is Binky, and he wears moon boots and break-dances."

Sue Yu
Office Manager, Prevention & Healing Inc.
"I do. I've been in some real serious accidents, one with girlfriends in college where we had a blowout doing about 100 and we rattled around the car, but we were all safe because the guardian angel was on the job. I feel a real strong sense of what some call spirituality -- a very blessed presence of someone or, I should say, some thing guiding me, directing me."

Mickey Bernal
Specialty-Team Member, Whole Foods
"I've always felt that I've had some kind of guardian angel -- I'm not sure what religion it is. All I know is, there were many times I've been put in harm's way and now, looking back, it seems somebody was watching out for me and helped get me out of the situation. If it was anybody, it would probably be my grandmother, because we were very close when I was little."

Tom Karsten
"I'm not a praying person, but I was told once by an Umbanda priest in Brazil that I have two guardian spirits. One is the released spirit of a Yoruba slave named Vô Luiz, and the other is a dead literary figure who sounded a lot like Walt Whitman. I don't know if they qualify as angels, but the priest seemed pretty confident about it. He said they were working double-time to keep me out of trouble."

Peggy Hou
Sushi Chef, Schnuck's
"I do I feel that way, yes. My religion is Buddhist. We have a lot of bibles, and we believe when you put a bible in the office or home an angel will come. They won't let you see them, but you will feel their energy -- very happy energy, like a candle lighting up a dark room."

Rob Piser
Student, Washington University
"No, I don't feel there's someone or some thing beyond what I understand that is simply there to watch out for me. I can't say there's nothing, but the idea it's just for me, I find that hard to believe. And I never really liked It's a Wonderful Life anyway."

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