Do You Feel Lucky To Be Living in This Time Period?

Week of September 3, 2003

Sep 3, 2003 at 4:00 am
Jessie Barbagallo
Day Bartender, Lafayette Pub
"No, I'd rather live in the 1950s. I think that people were more educated back then. They appreciated everyday things more. You could get more out of life then. This generation now, they're more fast-paced, all about video games and entertainment. It seems they don't really appreciate ordinary things like scenery, like getting up each day and being happy that you're breathing."

Paul Smith
House Painter
"Oh yeah! I want to be here for the Armageddon -- I think it's coming. Mars is close, the weather's flowing backwards, people are dying [of heat] in Europe so I feel lucky and privileged to be here for the end of the world...heh, heh, heh."

George Malich
Chimney Explorer
"Oh, I feel lucky, all right! Women no longer wear chastity belts, we've got all that Hitler shit behind us and John Ashcroft is finally out of Missouri politics -- you're kidding...he's the attorney what?!"

John Guiliano
Sales, The Wine Merchant
"I wish I'd been a teenager during the late '60s or early '70s instead of during the '80s because I wanted to be a hippie. And then, by the time I became old enough to have to work for a living, the tide turned -- grungefests like Lollapalooza, along with the liberal attitudes of the Clinton administration, gave rebirth to the neo-hippie movement. Essentially, I think I missed out on a groovy time."

John Baker
Trained Professional
"Yeah, I do. We're probably gonna see the Second Coming. They said the generation that was on the earth when Israel became a nation would see the Second Coming. Plus, I got my wife...well, yeah, I guess I could have a wife in any time period, but not the one I got now."

Irene Adler
Recording Secretary, The League
of Red-Headed Women

"Is the emphasis on lucky or living? Because if it's lucky, well, I've been married for twenty years and I haven't been lucky in sooo long."