Do You Have a Nickname? How Did You Get It?

Week of November 12, 2003

Nov 12, 2003 at 4:00 am
Jessica Sindel
Graduate Student, Education -- Saint Louis University
"During college, a friend and I both wanted nicknames and I think it may have happened when we were watching Nick at Night, because I started calling her Potsie and she would call me Mouth -- a mistake, actually, because we were going with the characters from Happy Days, but we didn't realize his name was Ralph Malph, not Mouth. But it worked anyway. I mean, I am kind of a talker."

Martin Duggan
Provocateur, Donnybrook -- KETC-TV (Channel 9)
"Well, I like this nickname but few people have used it. And it's Mickey. Bill Fleischman, my best friend at the Globe-Democrat, thought the name Duggan, first of all, sounded like a prizefighter, and he thought Mickey Duggan would personify that. So he and a few close friends started calling me Mickey, though, believe me, I've never been a pugilist. Other guys at the Globe, started by Vic Vac, the artist, called me Doog or Doogie. I've never liked being called Marty."

Princess Holmes
Server, Fitz's
"Oh, there's Skinny Minnie, Slim, Slim Goodie and lately since Lord of the Rings came out it's been Sméagol, 'cause I got a Sméagol laugh, except when people hold back on the tips. Three dollars is not a good tip for a $20 meal. And if you order a root beer you should at least tip a dollar."

Niki Greenlee
Waitress, Uncle Wimpy's Diner
"Hooch. Our boss calls all us girls that. Robin, she's Hooch 1, Donna is Hooch 2, Debra is Hooch 3, and I'm Hooch 4...that's fine, I guess, as long as I don't know what it means."

Jerry Howell Jr.
Pawnbroker, Stan's Pawn Shop

"Tiny. A Mexican from the corporate office in Texas came to the store, took one look at me and said, 'I'm gonna call you Tiny. All big guys are called Tiny.' And since I'm six-three and weigh around, uh, 380 last time I looked, the name seemed right. Also it was my first day on the job and nobody knew my real name, so Tiny just stuck."

Chip Lyle
Stagehand/Performing Artist
"It's Reverend. Reverend Crusty Mudd. When I was with a punk-rock band, they wanted me to blaspheme the Lord and I could not do that. That's why they call me the Reverend, because I could never be a badass punk rocker. I'm a simple man. All my people come from country preachers, Baptists, sneakin' around corners when there wasn't no religion goin' on."