Do You Have a Theme Song Running Through Your Life?

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Jackie Williams
Transfer Deputy, St. Louis Board of Elections

"It's a gospel song: "If I Can Help Somebody as I Walk Along, Then My Livin' Won't Be in Vain.' It might not fit every occasion, but that's the one song that I believe sums up my life. See, I don't have a problem with helping anyone, because I've been helped in my life. And it doesn't have to be helping with money -- sometimes just saying good morning is enough."

Sam Carbone

"Theme song? Running through my life? It'd have to be the Grateful Dead, "What a Long Strange Trip It's Been.' If I walked into a room, that's what'd be playing -- that's my life story, man!"

David Green

"Well, most of the time I'm outdoors and beggin', so my song'd be a grouchy one, something like (starts singing): "Last night I had no sleep/nothin' to eat/stomach growlier than a pack o' dogs/and today I'm standin' outside Del Taco askin' for quarters/dollar if you got it/people lookin' at me like I'm trash and maybe I am/sleepin' in Dumpsters/pissin' my pants. I'm 17 and life is a dead end/a mean old street goin' nowhere.' Something like that."

Marie Quisenberry
Hairdresser, Beauty Source

""Amazing Grace,' because it has kept my marriage together, it kept my son alive after a car accident and because it keeps me sane. They sang it at the Billy Graham thing, and it brought a tear to my eye. Life is so bizarre -- it can change on a dime -- but that song is a constant, the one I sing to my kids, the one that summons God's grace when life throws you those curve balls."

Greg Teason
Laborer, Huarte Contracting

""Magnet and Steel.' See, I've got a good wife who always brings me back to reality. When I'm down or depressed, she cheers me back up. Like the song goes, "You are the magnet, I am steel,' I'm attracted to her, forever and always."

Wendy Thornburg
Chimney Explorer

"Jimmy Buffett, "Why Don't We Get Drunk and Screw?'"

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