Does Mayor Slay Have a Ghost Tweeter?

Do you follow Mayor Francis Slay on Twitter (@mayorslaydotcom)? Ever wonder if he's actually twittering for himself, or if he even knows he has a Twitter account? I always presumed that since the user name was @MayorSlaydotcom and not @MayorSlay or @FrancisSlay it was probably a ghost writer or staff. I put this question to Richard Callow of Public Eye Inc. who runs the Mayors Web site ( Richard is an active twitter user himself (@Publiceyestl), and I interviewed him via Twitter direct messages: 

BillStreeter: who tweets for How much is he directly involved with the web site and Twitter?

publiceyestl: @MayorSlaydotcom is the work of both the mayor and the staff. Mayor Slay hashtags his tweets #fgs.

Publiceyestl: (the website) is a little different. Mayor Slay does his own blog items. The rest of the site is staff stuff.

Publiceyestl: So far, @mayorslaydotcom RTs the four aldermanic members who tweet.

[By the way those aldermanic members who also tweet are Antonio French @PubDef (21st Ward), Kacie Starr Triplett @KacieStarr (6th Ward), President of the board of Alderman Lewis Reed @PresReed, and Lyda Krewson @lydakrewson representing the 28th ward.]

BillStreeter: Why does the mayor tweet? And does it seem to work for that purpose?

Publiceyestl: FGS blogs his policies, tweets his life.

Publiceyestl: Too soon to tell. We have 5 years to know that works. Much less data on @mayorslaydotcom

So there you have it. According to Richard, the Mayor actually does tweet for himself under @mayorslaydotcom identifying his personal tweets with the hash tag #fgs

So what do you think? Should our elected officials and politicians tweet for themselves? Should they tweet at all? Would you follow your alderman if they were on twitter? Do you follow the ones who do? Do they follow you back? Fire away in the comments.   

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