Does the Rams' Success Make Building the Trans World Dome Worthwhile?

Feb 2, 2000 at 4:00 am
Rich Reichert
Owner, Jake's Foreign Car Repair

"I was a football fan all along. I was happy to have the team come here. I think the Dome has paid off in terms of convention revenue, and it has helped revitalize the downtown area. Plus, the Super Bowl -- we wouldn't be in the Super Bowl without it. So ... my answer is yes."

Kandi Davis
Owner, Marché

"Absolutely. Whether you're a football fan or totally anti-sports, you can feel the great vibe in the city, and the vibe is here because of the Rams and the TWA Dome. Everybody likes to feel that they're part of something, and sports teams bring out that feeling like nothing else."

Andre Williams
Owner, Andre's Shoe Shine Parlor

"Well, at first I thought it was a bad idea, yeah. I felt it was useless to spend millions on this stadium when other things needed to be done, but now I see it different, and it's not so much the Rams. Even before the Rams were doing good, the pope came in town and that's where he went, and he kind of like left a spirit, a good spirit, there that something was gonna happen, and then after the pope left, you know, the Rams went in and just made it happen. That's how I look at it."

Dave Brame
Iguana Groomer, Pet Treasures by House of Phideau Inc.

"It was worth it for St. Louis, but not for me. I don't care about sports, and I despise football in particular."

Kelly Cummings
Sales, AT&T Wireless

"Definitely. I just think that those who had an issue with the Dome might be people with nothing better to complain about. And now that things are turned around and we're going to the Super Bowl, it's those same people who are all excited, buying Rams jerseys, planning tailgate parties and yelling "Go Rams!' All I can say is, two thumbs up for the Dome."

Darryl Streiler
Sex Slave

"Hell, yes -- where else can you get a $6 beer and free admission to P.T.'s ?"