Does This New Cardinals Hat Suggest Gun Violence?

Some see Yadi and Wainwright playing the game, others see a man at gunpoint

Aug 30, 2022 at 10:32 am
St. Louis is known for its baseball and crime. Now there's a hat to commemorate both.

Busey Bank sponsored a baseball cap as a free promotional item for the Cardinal's game against the Atlanta Braves on Friday. It was meant to commemorate one of baseball's best pitcher-catcher duos, Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright.

The hat is supposed to depict Molina crouched in a catcher's pose as Wainwright throws his hands up in the air after a victorious out.

But some St. Louisans (we're looking at you, you dirty birdies on Twitter), saw something far different.

On social media, the hat has become something of a Rorschach inkblot test for St. Louis' naive or uninitiated.

What do you see when you look at this hat? A glorious moment between the two legendary athletes? A man getting robbed at gunpoint? A man threatening another man throwing up a "hands up don't shoot" pose? Or Yadi aiming to shoot Waino in the crotch?

It's of course up to you what this hat actually depicts. And given the abstractness of this hat's design, who's to say you're wrong?