Dog people bear their teeth while others call for Jay Nixon's ouster

Dog people bear their teeth while others call for Jay Nixon's ouster

Back off, Israel: If wielding a knife, club or slingshot in self-defense against pirates makes you a terrorist, then what are the Israeli pirates that attacked a civilian ship in international waters with guns ["Protest Coverage: Israeli and Palestinian Supporters Square Off Outside McCaskill's Delmar Office," Nick Lucchesi]?! What kind of backwards world is this where the occupier is viewed as the victim? End the siege of Gaza!
Brian, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 28, 2010
Note to Sowers: Find better ways to spend your time: Jo Ann Emerson may not be running down Highway 25 because she is doing more important things than a cheap publicity stunt ["Tommy Sowers Celebrates Memorial Day Power-Walking Through '100 Mile Yard Sale,'" Chad Garrison]. I saw on Facebook that she said goodbye to her son, Sam, today. Sam was home on leave from the U.S. Army and was on his way back to finish out his current tour of duty. I'd say that was pretty darn important. And I understand that she will honor our area's veterans by participating in the Memorial Day service at the Missouri Veterans Cemetery in Bloomfield. Again, darn important.

By the way, for those of us who have to travel on Highway 25, the 100 Mile Yard Sale is a big pain in the neck. Some people assume the roadway is their own personal parking lot. Heck, I had one lady decide she wanted to see something at a yard sale she had just passed, and so she just did a U-turn right in front of me! Sowers' stunt only made matters worse. Do something a little more constructive next time, young man.
Katie, via the Internet

FEATURE, MAY 27, 2010
A secretion of mammalian genitals: Thank you, Ian Froeb, for so accurately describing the heaping pile of smegma in vague restaurant shape that is the Hampton Denny's ["Counter Intelligence," Riverfront Times staff].
Brian, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 27, 2010
Waiting for an invite: Chad, I didn't realize that because I love my dog I was actually nothing more than a subhuman, "self-righteous," third-class citizen ["Where Are All of St. Louis' Self-Righteous Animal Lovers?" Chad Garrison]. God, I am such a fucking loser! I need to get off this whole "animal lover" shit wagon before people realize how lame and self-righteous I really am. My loathing of puppy mills and animal cruelty really just boils down to a severe case of self-righteousness. What a breakthrough! I need to get off my high horse. You are so fucking smart. I am in awe. What are you doing writing columns for RFT? You just have everything figured out so well. My god, hats off to you, sir. Hats off. I hope I get an invitation to your Ph.D. commencement, just so I can stand and applaud.
Matt Picker, via the Internet

Words of a self-righteous animal lover: This is a tough situation, and the city is obviously doing what it can — and as quickly as it can — to create the best long-term solution for all those involved. Gasconade is a sad, outdated and cramped facility, and it needs to remain closed. Any transition will be a process and will take some time (it is government, after all). What do you recommend the city do — throw the Gasconade animals back on the streets? Also, the private veterinarian who turned his bid in late wants to run animal control as a for-profit business. This obviously does not make him quite the self-righteous animal lover that the rest of us are.
SS, via the Internet

DAILY RFT, MAY 27, 2010
Gonna spread the word worldwide: Jay Nixon is guaranteed to be out of office because of this terrible action by him ["Tour of Missouri Organizers All But Concede That There Will Be No Race This Year," Ellis E. Conklin]. I will personally campaign to all my international family and friends that our state does not want their tourism money anymore. What a deceitful, jealous, hypocritical and self-centered jackass he is.
Rick, via the Internet

In Lew Prince's May 27 review of The Marriage of Figaro, we erroneously identified Christopher Feigum as a tenor; in fact, Feigum is a baritone.

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