Drury Hotels Wants Us to 'Spurge' On Our Spouse and Kids

The Riverfront Times' sister paper, Kansas City's Pitch, posted this blog entry today, about the St. Louis-based Drury Hotels. We'll avoid pointing out the obvious.


During a recent road trip, I was given a room key at the Drury Hotel in Amarillo that seemed to be asking me to do weird things with my family. Here's the key:

After I got back, I e-mailed the spokeswoman for the Missouri-based hotel chain to ask if the message was personalized or if the typo was widespread. Here's the response:

Dear Mr. Barton: I appreciate you bringing this room key to our attention. We are aware that the key had a typo and had hoped that we had them all pulled from our inventory. You are our first guest, that I'm aware of, who has actually had one slip into his hands. We'll go back and recheck to make sure it doesn't happen again, and I'm sorry you had to see that. Thanks very much for being a Drury guest and for bringing this to our attention!

Bonnie Brown Drury Hotels / Manager of Marketing Services

It seems higher-ups at Drury will be removing the keys before more people begin to wonder what the hotel is asking of us.

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