Edward Jones Dome Dubbed One of the Nine "Worst Sports Stadiums in America"

Jul 28, 2010 at 7:41 am
click to enlarge It might be a dump but it's our dump, right? - Image source
It might be a dump but it's our dump, right?
Everyone knows the Edward Jones Dome sucks. The Rams also suck, but that's not news either.

But when a random sports blog says, in so many words, that the Dome and the Rams collectively suck worse than almost every other stadium and team combo in America, and said article makes the front page of Digg.com and attracts several hundred thousand readers, well, that's worth mentioning -- if only to correct an erroneous statement by the author.

The list of "9 of the Worst Sports Stadiums in America" appears on a website called Total Pro Sports.

Ed Jones came in at number six. It's joined by the usual suspects for these types of lists but also included are some under-the-radar sucky stadiums, such as Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York and the Izod Center in New Jersey.

Most of the real ire is reserved for dome stadiums. (The Metrodome and Tropicana Field were numbers one and two, respectively.) Here's what the site wrote about St. Louis' concrete monstrosity:
NFL stadiums should not be downtown. They get lost among the buildings, create too much congestion, and require (shudder) parking structures. What's wrong with parking structures? Two things. They take about seven months to get out of after a game, but more importantly, you can't tailgate in them. And taking the tailgating out of football is like taking the oxygen out of my air.
Granted, it's not the best tailgating environment, but there are plenty of outdoor parking lots in downtown (unfortunately), and all of them are bustling with beer and BBQs on Rams game days.

As for this comment:
Perhaps the worst thing about this dome is simply the fact that there is NOTHING notable in this stadium. It's not even awful in an interesting way. It's just awful, which seems to be a recurring theme in domed stadiums. I did not take into account the crappy teams playing inside these listed venues, but it's pretty damn difficult to ignore the suckitude of the St. Louis Rams.
Well, that's hard to argue with.