Ellisville Mayor Impeachment: Adam Paul, Accused of Drinking Vodka At Work, Fights Back

Will Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul be impeached? - via ksdk.com video
Will Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul be impeached?

When Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul's kids google his name, he is hoping that they don't see that "dad got impeached as a mayor."

And while it may be a little tough to erase all the negative Google hits -- Paul was accused of drinking vodka on the job and cursing a lot -- the mayor and his attorneys are hoping to fight back against an effort to impeach him. A hearing on the matter will take place tonight.

After taking a lie detector test to prove that he didn't get drunk while at work, those specific charges were dropped, though the city has continued its efforts to oust him as mayor, with a wide range of allegations from disclosing confidential information to improperly requesting a gun to removing people from meetings and more. What drama can we expect tonight?

Paul's attorney defended the mayor against all accusations, outlined in our earlier coverage of the Ellisville fight. Since then, his legal team has filed a suit to block the impeachment, on view below.

That motion was denied last week, which means that the impeachment hearing is going forward tonight.

But the suit offers a glimpse at the continued fight Paul and his attorneys will bring against the various city officials going after him. And if he is successfully impeached, it's likely his attorney will file another lawsuit.

The original suit includes all sorts of accusations against his opponents -- that they purposefully intimidated him, embarrassed him, sent him mean e-mails, lied to the public about his intentions and more.

First, here's a KSDK interview with Paul in which he discusses his desire to not have his kids Google his name and see that he was impeached.

Continue for details on Adam Paul's lawsuit to block his impeachment.

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