Emails from Speed Camera Vendor Demonstrate Persistent Salesmanship

Feb 6, 2012 at 7:39 am
Arnold councilwoman Doris Borgelt doesn't know what to make of the emails sent to her from John Baine, co-founder of the somewhat controversial speed-camera company B&W Sensors. On the annoying spectrum, the electronic messages seem to fall somewhere between Viagra deals and spam emails to join

"I wouldn't call them irritating, per se," says Borgelt, who's received a half-dozen electronic sales pitches from Baine since she took office last May. "But they're certainly unusual."

Case in point is an email she (and presumably all members of the Arnold city council) received last week for the Sunset Hills-based company. The email contained the image above and was titled: "How can We provide a "NO" Cost solution to the enclosed picture?"

The rest of the folksy message read:
Good Wednesday Morning:

What a great picture....Not!

Our results provide you with solutions to budget issues... aid in retention of all personnel, equipment replacement and repair, as well as the most significant issues before the Body:........ and here is how we can help you plan to meet these challenges:

1. At "NO" cost to the community or the PD.... B&W can help reduce impacts, injuries and fatalities thereby providing cost Savings to your budgets for all FIRST RESPONDERS!

2. B&W's no cost, no termination fee, no exit penalty allows you to develop a COMPREHENSIVE MASTER TRAFFIC ENFORCEMENT PROGRAM. Of which Automated Speed Enforcement becomes a part of that plan.

3. Traffic Calming is a direct result of the multi directional, multiple lane, portable, violator supported system. It is the only system available today to you with this capability and capacity. Traffic Calming results in less maintenance on the roadways, again relieving pressure on the streets and public works budgets.

4. The Hypothesis is that this system, as a part of Standard Operational Speed and Traffic Enforcement, is allowable in all communities, unless directly prohibited by statute.

5. B&W is committed to the continuing education, training and equipping of all departments. Ask me about our Strategic Partnerships.

Please call me to discuss the application of our system in your community.

Thank you,

John M. Baine

Co-Founder B&W Sensors, llc.
Other email solicitations have carried the subject lines:

"What happens when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle doing 30 mph?...We can help prevent the question."


"A Student hit by vehicle outside of Shawnee High School...Our cost free system can help your community avoid this headline!"

After receiving one such email last fall, Borgelt, an opponent of red-light cameras and skeptic of speed cameras, responded to Baine's solicitation, pointing out what she saw as false promises in his sales pitch. Baine replied right away arguing in favor of the cameras. Borgelt has now stopped writing back.

"I got bored with it," she says.

Still, the emails continue.

We're not sure if any of Baine's email solicitations have resulted in new clients. He didn't return Daily RFT's call for comment, although we know he has secured contracts in Charlack, St. Ann and a few other municipalities in St. Louis County and suburban Kansas City.

Concludes Borgelt: "He tells you what he wants you to hear. You can almost sense the frustration in his words."