EPA: Missouri Company "Fresh and Clean Restrooms" Is Not So Fresh or Clean

click to enlarge Sludge: Not just for breakfast anymore.
Sludge: Not just for breakfast anymore.
The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday it has issued an order against Fresh and Clean Restrooms for failure to apply sewage sludge in compliance with Clean Water Act regulations.

According to the EPA, the porta-potty company from southeast Missouri failed to treat sludge and maintain records where it dumps its waste at the Doe Run Mine Tailings Site in Desloge. EPA conducted an inspection of the site in December and per the Park Hills Daily Journal found visible toilet paper, tampon applicators, plastic and other solid materials in the sludge. (Mmm! Hope you're reading this after breakfast.)

But wait, there's more!

Regulations require that sludge applied to land must be treated to reduce pathogens. The sludge also must be either treated or applied to prevent pests and rodents that may carry potentially disease-laden materials to humans.

In addition, the EPA found that the Fresh and Clean had not retained records of its land application activities as required by law.

The compliance order directs the company to take all necessary action to ensure the sewage sludge it applies to land is in compliance with the law, including pathogen reduction and pest reduction requirements, and requires the company to maintain all records for its land application of sewage sludge.
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